Jess and I shoot together so stinkin' much that I occasionally forget to put photos up. A few from a midsummer's night along Speedwell Forge Lake ❤︎



I can't say enough about this girl. Well, right off the bat she's absolutely stunning. But get to know Mya a little bit more and you'll find that she's one of the most gracious, talented and down-to-earth babes you'll meet. Mya is a high school senior this year and a ridiculously talented artist. Her mom, a good friend of mine contacted me about getting her portraits done back in the fall. We shot a bunch of ideas back and forth about cool snow-inspired pics but eventually settled on the idea of renting some warm studio space. It was my first time working in this type of setting and I wont lie, I was completely terrified. Indoor spaces are always tricky because you have fixed lighting sources and are racing a setting sun that is constantly changing the pattern of light. But this girl rocked the hell out of her shoot and we ended up getting some pretty baller images, if I must say so myself ;)



I think it's funny how life seems to have a way of precisely placing people in our lives the moment we need them. Whether its to challenge us up to a higher level or gently guide us through the uncertainties of our lives. I've known of Jaclyn for years thru family ties but didn't get to connect until recently. We had been following each other online and finally decided to set up a date to collaborate together. I can't say enough about this beautiful soul. She truly shines inside and out. She's got a cutting personality and unparalleled drive for success, yet is graciously down to earth. Sometimes, I feel like I go into these shoots and come out completely changed. For it's more then just the pictures I take.


engaged || amanda + chris

I adore engagement sessions. Especially this one. I get to take an intimate peek inside a world created by two people head over heels in love. Amanda and Chris live in the heart of Philadelphia and wanted to get out of the city for a few shots in the comfort of the home they grew up in. We decided to head down to Kelly's Run, a park located in southern Lancaster County, sporting some major west coast vibes. It was the first time I met Chris and my heart just melted over how doting he was over Amanda, carrying her over muddy trails, and meticulously fixing her hair and jewelry, just right. So stinkin' cute. I love watching the dynamics between two people. How in unison, they seem to create a synergy that embodies one person. These two compliment each so effortlessly I have no doubt their love will be one that stands the test of time. Love ya babes!


lancaster county magazine

Super stoked to get these amazing women up on the blog tonight. For the past month, I've been working closely with the talented Suzanne Long, editor of Lancaster County Magazine. She reached out to me back in July about a project involving several of our local city chefs and I couldn't be more thrilled. Each one of these women were just overflowing with spirit. It was easy to see why they had come so far in their careers.


Athena Fournaris, The Stockyard Inn

Athena has got to be one of the most kind-hearted souls. Her warm presence and soft tone immediately made me feel like I had known her for years. While setting up, we spoke about how we both gravitated more towards the simplicity in photography.

As we wrapped up, Athena insisted that Sue and I stay for lunch, on her. Seriously VIP treatment. We started with a summer fresh salad, the most mouth-watering lump crab cake, and then finished with a decadent slice of cheesecake. You could tell that this was her forte, as she seemed to almost float to and from the kitchen.




Stephanie Samuel, Sugar Whipped Bakery

I can't say enough about this gal. Steph is seriously as sweet as her cupcakes. Maybe sweeter. She had actually catered a wedding I was in back in May and killed it with the most spectacular spread of sugar-kissed creations. Steph relies on age old recipes passed down from her grandmother and mother. She isn't too heavy on the sugar; really letting the natural flavors of the desserts come through. Stephanie and her family operate the business out of a brightly colored food truck that you can find traveling from Lititz Farmer's Market to Musser Park.




Kristen Hottenstein, The Greenfield Restaurant

If you haven't been to the Greenfield lately you're in for a real treat. Kristin leads the wine program at the family-owned business has been quite busy revamping the restaurant into a gorgeous, contemporary dining space.




Corinna Killian, The Belvedere Inn

This little spitfire. I have to appreciate the blatant honesty going into these shoots. Upon meeting, Corinna was sure to tell me that she wasn't the serious-faced-photograph type. Right on.

Do you like beer?


How about kickin' back on the patio with one?

Sounds about right to me.





Hilary Mace, The Scarlet Runner

This had to be up there with one of my favorite shoots. We met Hilary and her family at Sugar Mountain Farms in Washington Borough. When arriving, Sue and I were greeted with the most bountiful harvest of summer vegetables you ever saw. From multi-colored heirloom tomatoes, spring onions, gourds, and violet potatoes, the assortment was beyond impressive. If you're thinking about catering, be sure to check these guys out!


the appleford estate

I seriously love working with this guy. Dave Waddel of Siousca Photography asked me to assist him in photographing another wedding this summer, one of which was filled with the most mouth-watering photo opps. I always learn so much when working with Dave. This time he briefed me on the basics of film and let me hold the most glorious vintage Hasselblad camera. I can definitely see some film in my future ;) Here are a few shots I captured from the Appleford Estate in Villanova, PA.