of a better good

If I've learned anything from my meager 30.5 years of existence, it is that the sheer stabbing pain of humility has gotten me further than any pride, arrogance or prestige ever will. To rest in a state of degradation has given me more insight into the brokenness of my human nature than anything else ever will. I really feel that we are at a turning point that demands that the ugliness of ourselves be unearthed to reveal what really lies within. And with that, I mean our deepest conscience. Not one that is seeking the respect or approval of others. The one that stands solely on their own. The one that speaks their voice and walks remotely away into a solitude unknown. The one that needs no one else for approval. The human, that like, in Christ, rests in a state of complete unknowingness and humility; open armed and ready to bare a burden unlike we've ever known. We are here. It doesn't have to be repeated a hundred more times. It doesn't have to be poked and prodded. To continue on the path that we are on is imminent. Our generation isn't one that was just born out of fault. It has taken a thousand lives to get here, a thousand wrong doings, a thousand hand-offs of people enabling each other over and over again in hopes of a better good. This is where is has to end.