I can't say enough about this girl. Well, right off the bat she's absolutely stunning. But get to know Mya a little bit more and you'll find that she's one of the most gracious, talented and down-to-earth babes you'll meet. Mya is a high school senior this year and a ridiculously talented artist. Her mom, a good friend of mine contacted me about getting her portraits done back in the fall. We shot a bunch of ideas back and forth about cool snow-inspired pics but eventually settled on the idea of renting some warm studio space. It was my first time working in this type of setting and I wont lie, I was completely terrified. Indoor spaces are always tricky because you have fixed lighting sources and are racing a setting sun that is constantly changing the pattern of light. But this girl rocked the hell out of her shoot and we ended up getting some pretty baller images, if I must say so myself ;)