I feel like I'm at a loss of words lately. Nothing seems to stick. I guess I'm a thinker. Constantly pondering. Trying to catch something concrete to put in my little bag of tricks. But it's like my entire belief system has been up for review. Like I've been tipped over, wrung out and bankrupt. It hasn't come from a place of sadness, but more of humility. I am not as big as I thought. There are larger things at play.

I was walking around some home trinket store the other day, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I liked. Well I kind of like that..but it's nothing like what I have at home. Do I even like what I have at home? The struggle. All I knew, was that today, I needed to get my camera out and just fumble around, whether I got something I ''liked'' or not.