of a better good

If I've learned anything from my meager 30.5 years of existence, it is that the sheer stabbing pain of humility has gotten me further than any pride, arrogance or prestige ever will. To rest in a state of degradation has given me more insight into the brokenness of my human nature than anything else ever will. I really feel that we are at a turning point that demands that the ugliness of ourselves be unearthed to reveal what really lies within. And with that, I mean our deepest conscience. Not one that is seeking the respect or approval of others. The one that stands solely on their own. The one that speaks their voice and walks remotely away into a solitude unknown. The one that needs no one else for approval. The human, that like, in Christ, rests in a state of complete unknowingness and humility; open armed and ready to bare a burden unlike we've ever known. We are here. It doesn't have to be repeated a hundred more times. It doesn't have to be poked and prodded. To continue on the path that we are on is imminent. Our generation isn't one that was just born out of fault. It has taken a thousand lives to get here, a thousand wrong doings, a thousand hand-offs of people enabling each other over and over again in hopes of a better good. This is where is has to end.


longwood gardens

To be alone was something unpleasant. But I was at the same time conscious of a slight insanity of my mood, and seemed to foresee my recovery
— Henry David Thoreau, Walden

POUR on Prince

Happy to finally get these babies up on the blog. Back in May, my good friend Lee and I got to collaborate on some images for Lancaster County Magazine. Lee is Bar Manager at POUR on Prince and makes some mighty tasty beverages if I must say so myself. Our focus was a summer-inspired cocktail, in which you could easily make at home. Recipe below. Check it ✌️



Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum ‘’Navy Strength’’ 57% abv.

John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum Liqueur 11% abv.

Cilantro-Infused Pineapple Shrub Bar Keep Chinese Bitters

Bruleed Pineapple
Grated Nutmeg Garnish



of golden light

So glad to finally get these guys up on the blog tonight. Jake and Jess have been long time friends of mine and recently asked if I'd grab some pre baby pics before their little one is due in September. It's been a little while since I've shot at golden hour so I wanted the timing to be just right. I've been trying to push my work with light more so we decided on the Rockford Plantation in southern Lancaster where the sun seems to just sit magically on the horizon 🍂



I heard a quote once

|| Sometimes a forest must be completely burnt down in order to promote new growth.

I am here.

I've never been in such a place where old structures have been completely crumbling right before my eyes, but not without new, miraculous ones rising furiously. He called me into his study today. My grandfather. '' I just wanted to see where you were at with all of this''. I had to hold back tears. He had been such an ass lately, ripping me apart and taking the most low lying blows. But I understood. None of us want to go thru this. We were all scared, and we've just been taking it out on each other. ''I'll be okay, I've got some options''. The reality is that I've been flying terrified, by the seat of my pants. I have no idea and I'm not sure what's going to happen. But that's not the space that I want to be in. We can't do anything there. It's here, in the calmness of the storm that we can make that headway. That deep-seeded faith that it will all work out. I've fought for years to honor that feeling. That internal compass, that gut faith that all will unfold exactly when it needs to.


This is where you fall back.


kirk + courtney || engaged

Maybe I'm a little biased, because it is my cousin and all, but I'm totally diggin' on this engagement shoot. Kirk and Court are getting hitched in August and asked if I'd drive up north to grab a few shots in celebration. Wellduhofcourse. It was nice to get out of dodge for the day. Not that I don't like good old Lancaster County, but having some new scenery in the backdrop is always a treat 🌾












Jess and I shoot together so stinkin' much that I occasionally forget to put photos up. A few from a midsummer's night along Speedwell Forge Lake ❤︎



I can't say enough about this girl. Well, right off the bat she's absolutely stunning. But get to know Mya a little bit more and you'll find that she's one of the most gracious, talented and down-to-earth babes you'll meet. Mya is a high school senior this year and a ridiculously talented artist. Her mom, a good friend of mine contacted me about getting her portraits done back in the fall. We shot a bunch of ideas back and forth about cool snow-inspired pics but eventually settled on the idea of renting some warm studio space. It was my first time working in this type of setting and I wont lie, I was completely terrified. Indoor spaces are always tricky because you have fixed lighting sources and are racing a setting sun that is constantly changing the pattern of light. But this girl rocked the hell out of her shoot and we ended up getting some pretty baller images, if I must say so myself ;)