My inspiration and love for photography probably came to me at the most inconvenient and busiest of times. I was waitressing during lunch hour at a local pub and happened to catch a quick glimpse of small index prints scattered in a fury across one of my tables. Two women sat intensely sipping their coffee, sorting through the disarray of photographs. Curiosity got the best of me as I unknowingly hovered over them. Eager to show off her work, one of the women began to speak of her recent travels to Iceland where she had been photographing small countryside villages and the wild horses that inhabited them. I could feel the glum, frigid air through the gray and blue tones of the light she had captured. I never had felt a mood so strongly conveyed through a single snapshot. Beautiful. How do I start?? 



‘’Take whatever you have, even if it is the most insignificant of cameras, and just shoot; for it’s the vision that comes before the equipment.’’